The Avengers 4 End Game Trailer 2 Breakdown

Today we will breakdown avenger 4 End Game trailer 2

At the beginning of the trailer we see Tony Stark, which is scattered in the sand in his First Iron Man suit, which was the beginning of the Iron Man being formed after leaving this cave, and Tony Star remembers the old moments, Man tries to send the message through the helmet, in which Tony tries to tell his emotions to the pepper potts, in which it will be made of Iron Man and from the pepper potts Express to Yar does admit his mistake to consider the matter of his bad aspirating

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In this next scene, pepper potts has been shown to receive this message, in which the Iron Man suit helmet is attached to his head.

The Space Ship of Guardian of the Galaxy is shown in Next Scenes where Iron Man and Nebula are still stranded

Captain America has been shown in Next Scenes, which can be a scene before Captain America

Then we see New York where everything is lying down and Captain America also appears in the scene, which is thinking

Avengers Endgame
Avengers Endgame

In the next scene, Hawkeye or Tell Ronin looks, who is mastering my older daughter Archery and then we see Ronin, who was probably missing these past moments.

Only then does the Black Widow come in the next scene, we see Captain America, which is in someone’s funeral

In Maxi we see the S guard, where Thor meets his father, and he is also thinking well, then in the next scene, we see people being disassembled and Thor considers himself responsible for them, then Capt America Black Tell the Vido that I say to everyone that forget what happened, forget something but we do not

After that, the Black Widow vows to be the victim of every friend and every person who says that if we have the hope, then we will fight and after that gradually swear all that we will fight till the last breath, this means that this movie is very much It’s going to be more blurry

Also, black video shooting is practicing and magazines are changing fast, after that there is a small scene of And Man, in which he jumps from one place to another in his small form

And then we see Tony Stark, who vows to fight till the last breath.

Avengers Endgame
Avengers Endgame

And then slowly all the Avengers appear, all of which are wearing a new suit of white color which probably has not been developed by Tony Stark and it may have been made to go into the quantum realm and then showed us Gives Tony Stark, who is wearing a white color suit and he is in the earth with all the Avengers

This means that Tony will reach the meaning in any way
And then we see the Ascendant logo montage

After the people of Avengers, we see Thor and Captain Marvel
Who is face to face and Thor, and at the same time called his storm breaker, but seeing this, Captain Marvel does not seem to notice anything, who sees Thor Captain Marvel
The girl suffers after this trailer ends and April’s date comes 26 April

So it was the Avengers 4 End Game Trailer to Breakdown.

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