Zero Movie Review

Zero Movie Review

Zero Movie Story:

Baua Singh(Shahrukh Khan) is lived in Meerut city. he is Dorf man. He is a very bad person by heart. He is loved by a scientist name Aafiya (Anushka Sharma) she suffering far terrible Plassey.

This unique love story of both of them goes from India to America and Baua Singh go to space from there in the journey of this love story, there are many many problems in the life of Baua Singh and Aafiya.

Zero Movie Review:

Zero story is a great concept it is necessary that it become constructed equality.
But every good story does not get the treatment which it deserves.

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No doubt the story of “zero” is very interesting as it is. This story running from Meerut to Mars has been served with ideas like science, planets between planets and incredible love. but in the process of doing so, this movie is not good in many places.

I think in a hurry to show many experiences and thoughts together “zero” does not even judge with anyone.
Some screen is very strong but some screen disappears like they are a shooting star. And he tells in lady bathroom ” Kya Ho Gaya aaJao Na baccha to Hoon” it is bad

The story begins in Meerut, where Baua Singh flies all the money of his father(Tigmanshu Dhulia) on the Bollywood star Babita Kumari(Katrina Kaif).
He is love to Babita Kumari. Seeing such actions of the Sun Baua his father is full of sadness and anger. But things change when the Baua meets the highly qualified and capable scientist Aafiya(Anushka Sharma).

Baua is Dorf and Aafiya is suffering from Cerebral Palsy and both of these drawbacks lay the foundation for their new relationship. However, there is a difference in the personality of both, and the difference becomes a strong column of the film’s story. In the meantime, the Bollywood actress Babita Kumari would again get entry into the life of Baua and Afiya, which triggered another drama.

The best part is that these characters in the film have not allowed their physical challenges to dominate their temperament and temperament. Shah Rukh is the emperor of romance and he has played with his romantic character in the film.

Shahrukh is in dwarf character. Katrina’s role is very small, but she has also impressed. As far as Anushka Sharma’s character is concerned, she had a lot of possibilities and she could be made more dangerous. The practical illustration that Anushka used to play as a victim of Cerebral Palsy, it did not feel anything special.

In the film, there are some comedy scenes between Shah Rukh and Mohammad Jishan Ayub and they are awake. Shahrukh has made the song “Mere Naam Tu” song is good from the movie, colorful and entertaining with his dance. Altogether, this film will look good to you, but if you are planning to watch this film as pleasure, then there is no use because the element of entertainment is missing from the film’s story.

Zero Movie Review Star: 2/5

Day 1 collection – Friday (December 21) – Rs 20.14 crore
Day 2 collection – Saturday (December 22) – Rs 18.22 crore
Day 3 collection – Sunday (December 23) – Rs 20.71 crore
Day 4 collection – Monday (December 24) – Rs 9.50 crore
Day 5 collection – Tuesday (December 25) – Rs 12.75 crore
Day 6 collection – Wednesday (December 26) – Rs 6 crore (approx)
Day 7 collection – Thursday (December 27)- Rs 4 crore approx
Approximate seven-day box-office collection of Zero: Rs 91.32 crore

Its budget is 200 crore this movie can be cover up your budget or not?

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