Apple iPhone XI Leak Sony is building its 3D camera

Apple iPhone XI Leak

iPhone is the most popular brand all over the world
These 2018 iPhone launches iPhone XS and its price more than 1000 dollars.

XAMPP Installation.

According to Bloomberg, the iPhone will come in 2019, which will be the iPhone XI, (iPhone 11) with three cameras.
This camera will also be able to capture 3D images.
The next generation of the iPhone is being made in collaboration with the Sony.
Sony, in which Sony is building its 3D camera, with 3D technology, photography will move to the next level, which will replace security and gaming with photography.

Apart from this, Bloomberg himself told Sony that there can be no better source than this

The camera revolutionized the phone and based on what I have seen, I hope for 3D, according to Bloomberg, Satoshi Yoshihara, chief of Sony’s sensor division, said

Sony’s 3D technology

Bloomberg disclosed the technology to Apple with Sony and Satoshi Yoshihara confirmed this to me

Satoshi Yoshihara has said that Sony will have front and rear facing 3D cameras ready in 2019, which will allow the image to be portable in 3D, and in order to meet its Apple company’s demand for more production, Will be built on

In the month of September 2019, we can get to see this new iPhone X, which is waiting for people every year

Use of the time of flight in Sony’s new 3D camera, in which a 3D model of 5 meters away, objects can be made from the dot, made by laser and along with it the length and width of its distance can be detected. The laser rays detect the time of rays, which can be accurately measured by the object’s distance to make 3D models

This 3D camera can be used in the night rather than in the dark, which can give us almost immediately by creating a 3D model

That is why we can see in the night, we can find things right, we can create a 3D model of everything, it can also be used in the game and security system, in which we can also mapping face, You can also unlock the phone by mapping the face which you have seen in the iPhone before,but it will be a level ahead.

After this, Sony told Bloomberg about the long distance 3d camera through which we can also experience VR technology.

As you might have seen in many VR gaming examples videos.

Well, Apple uses its front camera like a 3D camera in its new phone but gold technology will be far ahead.

With this, it seems that the phone will be a very big step for the phone to improve the image of the iPhone


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